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Construction Cleanup Services

We provide comprehensive cleaning services for the entire lifecycle of your project and have solutions for each phase of construction.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Pre-Construction Cleanup

White Lightning Construction Cleanup crews will come in and remove any and all debris (anything that is not nailed down) from the construction site prior to you starting your project. We customize our cleaning to your needs. Cleaning is our Trade!

Post-Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Post-Construction Cleanup

Cleaning of a newly constructed building is not like cleaning an existing building, yet General Contractors often hire Janitorial companies to perform these duties. Janitorial companies are often not prepared for this type of cleaning service, which could and does often lead to the delay of your closing date on the project.

White Lightning Construction Cleanup consist of highly trained crews who are extremely familiar with the wide array of needs and unique requirements of this very special and detailed cleaning service to the construction industry. Therefore at White Lighting Construction Cleanup, we customize our cleaning to fit your needs.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Rough Cleaning

In addition to daily cleanup, a complete rough clean could be preformed before subcontractors come in to do their work. Rough cleaning covers tasks like removing small debris and trash, removing stickers from fixtures, windows, cabinets and doors.  Sweeping, vacuuming and damp mopping of floors, plus dusting all flat surfaces.  This phase will help prepare for the incoming subs for painting, flooring, fixtures and cabinetry.

White Lightning Construction Cleanup crews will provide daily cleanup during and/or after construction hours. We customize our cleaning to fit your needs.

Construction Cleanup in Fort Worth

Final Clean

A final clean is very detailed. It is preformed once the construction process is entirely complete, prior to final walk-through and receipt of the Certificate of ownership. Our final construction cleaning service includes top to bottom wiping down (dust removal) on all flat surfaces, (vertical & Horizontal). We sweep, vacuum, and mop all hard floor surfaces, (carpet is only vacuumed). Light fixtures will be wiped down, if cabinets are present, the insides will be cleaned. Bathrooms & kitchens will be sanitized. All stainless steel fixtures will be polished. Windows cleaned, (inside & out) along with window sills, door frames and baseboards.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Touch-Up Cleaning

Touch-up cleaning is not always necessary, however, it might be required if a contracted had to return after the final clean has been done. Another typical reason for a touch-up clean would be there is a long delay from the final clean to occupancy of the building.

Window Cleaning Services

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

White Lightning Cleaning Service provides professional window cleaning services on commercial & residential properties in the DFW metroplex and surrounding ares.  We clean both interior and exterior windows on single story homes to ten story commercial office buildings.  Our services include one-time cleanings to repetitive weekly cleanings. We can help!

White Lightning staff are experts in the art of window cleaning and our cleaning process goes much further than you might think. You want to hire a proven professional that has the experience, and equipment to do the job properly.  For more information on window cleaning or to find out how to prepare for your scheduled window cleaning, give us a call.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum, stains and dirt from outer surfaces of buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, patios, and wood fencing. We can pressure wash just about any hard surface, (vertical or horizontal).