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Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior windows become dirty from exposure to strong elements. Weather conditions can radically affect the cleanliness of your windows, going from wet to dusty and dry, which create the toughest dust and water marks. Exterior windows also become dirty from the emissions produced by vehicles. Exterior window cleaning requires strong cleaning products to get things done, so calling window cleaning professionals to help you out is the best approach, especially since you can run into unexpected things that complicate your cleaning tasks, like finding bee or hornet nests or window screens that keep you from getting the job done. If you need to clean your windows, why not do interior and exterior at the same time? It may sound like a lot of work but it’s worth doing. Not only will you be able to check it off your to-do list, but it will also instantly give your building or home a fresher look. Let us take care of it for you.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth

Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash just about any hard surface, (vertical or horizontal). White Lightning uses professional equipment, methods, and chemicals to achieve professional results. We offer pressure washing for concrete and other hard surfaces. We also use a “soft washing” technique to safely clean homes without damaging property from using too much pressure.

Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth


Make-ready cleaning ensures that all signs of past tenants are gone. This means repetitive cleaning of windows, door moldings, cabinets, (inside and out) all fixtures, walls, floors, and baseboards. We customize our cleaning to your needs!

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